Hermestdc in the exclusive Eurasia Expo 2021

Presence of Hermes Trading Company in the exclusive Eurasia Expo 2021

According to the agreements between Iran and Russia, plans were made to help the presence of all member companies of the Eurasian Union in the first Eurasian exhibition, which was held in July of 2021 in Tehran. The first exclusive Eurasia Exhibition was held on July 12, 2021, at the Tehran International Exhibition Center, with the participation of Iran, Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan at the highest commercial and economic level.

Eurasia Expo 2021

Eurasia Expo 2021

The Eurasian Union member states, including Russia, Belarus, Armenia, Kazakhstan, and Kyrgyzstan, as well as Iran’s neighbors, were present at the exhibition. In addition to the members of the Eurasian Economic Union, other neighboring countries of Iran also benefited from this opportunity. One of the purposes of holding this exhibition can be considered the permanent membership of Iran in the Eurasian Union and the establishment of a wide-ranging economic relationship with Eurasian member countries.

Also, Large companies from Qatar, Oman, Turkey, India, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, and Afghanistan participated in this exhibition.

Benefits of Iran’s presence in Eurasia Expo 2021

The exhibition was held in Iran to boost Eurasia’s economic cooperation with Iran. After Iran’s membership in the Eurasian Economic Union, regular contacts were established between the central banks of the two countries to use currencies other than the dollar, and this development reduced the dependence of the dollar on trade between the two countries.

Also, two offices, one in Tehran and the other in Moscow, were responsible for providing all services and business consulting for the participants for a certain period of time, and this was considered one of the most important operational features of this exhibition.

Major Russian companies in various fields of industry like, automobile, shipbuilding, and machinery were present in this exhibition because Russia has always wanted progress in these fields and this international presence meets the needs of Iranian importers.

Eurasia Expo 2021

Why Hermes Trading Development Company was established

Due to its geographical location and governing policy, Iran has an advantage in trading operations, both in imports and exports.

Iran also can export to other countries in the field of goods that it produces, due to factors such as low cost, cheap energy, cheap labor, and currency price differences.

In addition, in the field of import, due to the lack of production of many goods in the country and the need for these goods, there is an advantage in the import of these products.

On the other hand, having borders with different countries is a special advantage in trading and commerce for Iran.

Hermes Trading Development Company in Eurasia Expo 2021

The first Eurasia Exhibition with the participation of traders, producers, entrepreneurs, and senior managers of member countries including Russia, Armenia, Belarus, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Iran was held on July 9-11 at the Tehran Exhibition Center, and Hermes trading development company with two functioning branches in the countries of Kyrgyzstan and Russia was a part of this great exhibition.

Hermes Trading Development Company participated in this exhibition to be recognized in international forums and to attract customers and cooperation in the field of trade and commerce.

Our goal in participating in the Eurasia Expo 2021

Hermes Trading Company has an active branch in Kyrgyzstan, which maintains Hermes trading resources in Kyrgyzstan. As Kyrgyzstan is a member of the Eurasian Union, participating in the fair was important for Hermes to connect with customers and other CIS traders.

Hermes also successfully registered a trading company in the commercial capital of the region, Moscow, to the advantage of previous CIS business activities. The establishment of a trading company to expand trade relations between Iran and Russia led to a more prominent presence of Hermes Trading Company among the member countries of the Eurasian Union.

Eurasia Expo 2021

Achievements of Expo Eurasia 2021 for Hermes

The outbreak of the coronavirus and the announcement of the red situation had huge effects on the development of this exhibition and prevented the presence of trade delegations of some countries, but this does not mean that attending the exhibition was not beneficial for Hermes.

It can be said that the Hermes booth was one of the top ten companies present in the exhibition in terms of number of visitors, number of B2B meetings, and because of that very good interaction with Iranian companies located inside and outside Iran, as well as foreign companies was established.

Meeting with capable traders who are ready to share their business with Hermes Trading Development Company, and manufacturers of small goods who supply things such as food and summer crops to concrete and steel manufacturers, large transport companies that are ready to cooperate in the transportation of goods within the country and beyond, and… is a couple of the achievements for the company in the Eurasia 2021 exhibition.

Hermes company’s Vision at Expo Eurasia 2021

Hermes Trading Development Company, as a trading company, welcomes cooperation with reliable customers and suppliers, both of which were achieved for Hermes by participating in the Eurasia Exhibition. Hermes Trading Development Company plans to earn at least $ 5 million in the area of ​​international trade by the end of this year.

Altar company’s website is available to you at the following address with the possibility to translate into English and Russian.

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