Export of fish feed to Kyrgyzstan

Fish feed export

Aquatic feed

Aquatic feed plays a very important role in their optimal breeding. since some world-renowned articles have been published about the link between healthy eating and eating unhealthy foods it caused the reduction of meat and poultry consumption compared to seafood and other aquatic foods. This made seafood find its fans and became popular with the general public over time. Fish feed export plays an important role in economies.

Fish feed product

Fish farming in Iran, especially salmon, has found a special place in the diet of the people due to its taste and popularity among consumers. Considering the existing potential in the field of aquaculture and fisheries development, the production of aquatic feed, especially fish feed, in terms of quantity is rising at a fast speed and it is following the fast development and land expansion of the fish market, and because of that, the improving economic efficiency of aquatic growth has become very important in the global and domestic economy.

To achieve this goal, it is necessary to establish new units of aquatic food with the foresight of the nutritional behaviors and food needs of fish and other aquatic animals and fortunately, this idea is now possible with the help of new and powerful technologies.

In addition, because of the importance and high sensitivity of farming aquatic feed, and the disastrous result of not having a safe and clean principle in the field of farming fish feed it has resulted in strict policies that should be followed by farmers to make aquatic feeds healthy and safe for the public.

Fish feed

Characteristics of fish powder in fish feed

Fish powder is known as the most important element in aquatic feed. With amazing traits such as high Purity, freshness, high protein, high amino acids, high minerals, high essential fatty acids (omega 3 fatty acids), and low free nitrogen, fish powder is considered very suitable for use in aquatic food formula. On average, a high-quality fish meal contains 60 to 70% protein, 2 to 14% fat, 6 to 12% moisture, and 18 to 25% ash.

There are different types of fish feed in terms of shape, quality, and size, and depending on the type of farmed fish, different models are used. One of the types of fish feed is in the form of small granules with the smell of fish, which is served dry. Its granules are sized in different types of circles.

Our country, Iran, due to benefiting from the blessings of the Caspian Sea and the Persian Gulf, has always had excellent trade opportunities for fishing and exporting it to other countries. Fish feed products with this HS code(23099010) can be offered worldwide. Global buyers of this product are often those who sell these products in bulk or the breeders of this type of aquatic.

Fish feed

Export of salmon feed

The Republic of Kyrgyzstan is one of the countries that isn’t able to raise fish naturally due to its natural remoteness from open waters; Therefore, fish farming, especially salmon, is an emerging industry in this country and because of that Raising of quality fish has become one of the new challenges that this country is facing. Based on what has been said, it can be concluded that exporting fish feed to this country is a profitable trade that leads to the import of foreign currency to our country.

Features of Salmon feed Products

-Best economic performance and FCR

-Fine adjustment of feed density

-High growth rate and energy

-Ingredients that improve digestion

-Contains pigments and antioxidant compounds

-Increasing appetite health of fish

Fish feed

Hermes’s role in the export of fish feed

due to having an active company called Altar Company in Bishkek, the capital of this Kyrgyzstan, Hermes Trading Company, has recognized the potential in the aquatic and aquatic feed market and has exported fish feed to Bishkek. This company has a history of exporting several periods of high-quality fish feed with a minimum price in 2020 in its work record.

Hermes Trading Company is ready to accept your orders for the export of fish feed to Kyrgyzstan and around the world. Altar company’s website is available to you at the following address with the possibility to translate into English and Russian.

 Contact our collection of experts for more information and visit our website www.hermestdc.ir.

Fish feed

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