Hermes Trading and Development Company has stablished and started on December 2017 in Tehran, Islamic republic of Iran. Since our company’s aim is customer satisfaction, our business spreads to the whole of the world. Each of Below subjects is a business arm of Hermes trading and Development in which has invested before.

Altar Trading Company
Altar Trading Company

Altar Trading Company

Hermes in Kyrgyzstan

Hermes Trading and Development Company succeeded in establishing an active company in the Kyrgyz Republic under the name Altar Company in order to take advantage of the opportunities of global markets and expand international trade.
This Asian company pursues its business activities in order to supply the goods needed all over the world, especially in the countries of Eurasia and Central Asia. Altar Company, with a history of trading with the countries of Central Asia, the CIS region, East Asia and in some cases Eastern Europe, is trying to expand its business to other parts of the world and provide a professional, reliable and low-risk experience to customers. present itself
Among these commercial activities, we can mention the export of fruits, vegetables and fruits, raw materials for tile and ceramic industries, crystal and crystal containers, stone and tile products, leather products and handicrafts, carpets, fish and fish feed, etc.
Among the advantages of this importance, we can point out security in the process of money transfer, the possibility of inspection of conditions and products by specialist forces in Kyrgyzstan, ensuring that work is done well and providing conditions for negotiations, concluding international contracts, etc.
You can contact the Hermes unit in Kyrgyzstan through the Altar website.

Tika Trading Company

Hermes in Russia

In order to establish and improve trade relations with the countries of the CIS region, Hermes established a company named “Tika Trading Company”. Also it is established in order to take advantage of  the opportunities of global markets and expand international trade.

Tika Trading Company was established in the capital of Russia. The presence of talented and experienced specialists in executive and extensive affairs, being located in the capital of Russia, being a member of the Eurasian Economic Union, etc. made Tika’s business gain world fame in a short period of time. Tika is ready to prepare services such as Identification of suppliers with the capacity to supply large volumes of products at competitive prices, Negotiating the terms of sale and delivery of products, Financing and assurance of payment to the supplier-exporter, Managing logistics and transport, Managing customs and barriers of international trade to the dear customers.

You can contact the Hermes branch in Russia through the Tika website.

Our Experts

Hermes Team

mr soleimani

Saeid Soleiymani


Sayna Ramezani

Executive Director

Farzane Abdollahpour

Accounting Manager

Ashkan Enayati

Legal Specialist

Amirhasan Rahimi

Trading Specialist

Ali Asghar Vardiji

Commerical Specialist
عکس چکاوک

Chakavak Dadashi

Digital Marketing Specialist

Arsalan Rahimi

Commerical Specialist

Ariya Navid

Accounting Assistant

Abbas Moharrami

Commercial Specialist

Moloud Safari

Commercial Specialist

Andishe Shahmirza

Foreign Commercial Manager
Iranian Product

Iranian Product

Hermes Trading and Development Company

Facing the situation and position of Iranian goods in the field of international trade, always brings severe discouragement due to what is happening to it. Now, if this position is compared with the situation of national goods of different countries arround the world, it doubles the level of regret. Obviously, Hermes, as a group of young people and graduates of the best universities in the country, can not be indifferent to this issue, and having a team and specialized staff on this issue is evidence of Hermes’s special attention to this issue. Where some enthusiasts and experts have specialized in goods such as carpets, pistachios, saffron, etc., which basically bear the name of Iran and the originality of the country’s history, and in addition to facilitating the export markets of these goods, take measures in They do this for the development of technical and marketing platforms.

Leather & Wooden Products

Wooden Products and Office Equipment

Hermes Trading and Development Company

Today, the wood industry is one of the most important and lucrative industries in the global market and due to the great variety of its products and the large number of users, it is highly regarded and used in most homes, buildings and public places. Over the past 20 years, international trade in secondary forest products and wood products increased from $ 60 billion to $ 257, with an average annual growth rate of 6.6 percent, but production and consumption of panels and wood panels were higher than average. MORE…

Leather Products and Handicrafts

Hermes Trading and Development Company

There are countless differences between handicrafts. These handicrafts are not only different from other products in terms of production process, but also inspire a different attitude to the enthusiasts of this art. However, the difference between these industries and today’s products is not summarized in the production process, and other issues such as the culture specific to that art and the way of thinking and cultural antiquity of the region where these handicrafts are produced also reflect the art of Country. Not as a commodity, but as an exchange of national and cultural values. MORE…

Electronic Commerce & Services

Electronic Commerce

Hermes Trading and Development Company

E-commerce means doing business through electronic tools such as the Internet, telephone, television and computers.
The changing market provides a great opportunity for businesses to improve their customer relationship and expand their market in the online world. According to Statista, by 2013, global e-commerce sales had reached $ 1.2 trillion ($ 1,000 billion) and mobile phone sales in the United States had reached $ 38 billion. More than 40% of Internet users (1 billion in total) have purchased goods online. These numbers will continue to grow as mobile and Internet usage expands, both in the United States and in emerging markets around the world. MORE…


Hermes Trading and Development Company

Lack of sufficient knowledge and expertise in the field of export has always been one of the major challenges facing traders and export enthusiasts in Iran. In addition to traders, this apparent shortcoming has led to the formation of a large chain of liaisons and intermediaries in doing business, so that over time, the producer is increasingly moving away from direct exports of its goods. The following are the most important areas to consider in the field of international business:
• Examining the Iranian market to import the product
• Use market research projections
• Consider import restrictions according to the laws of the country MORE…

Raw Materials for Industrial Plants & Metal Products

Raw Materials for Industrial Plants

Hermes Trading and Development Company

For a long time, one of the most important fields of importing goods throughout the world, especially in the Islamic Republic of Iran, has been the supply of raw materials for industrial factories. These industries range from food and health to heavy petrochemical and metal industries. This is perhaps one of the most important areas in which Hermes has a lot to say. Valuable experience in importing various goods, from cheap raw materials to specialized technological equipment, all from the lowest levels of manufacturers to prominent industrialists, has created an irreplaceable opportunity for Hermes to play a minimal role in turning the wheel of the country’s industry and preventing it from stop. Rely on the interests to play.

Metal Products

Hermes Trading and Development Company

One of the most attractive Trading fields of the Islamic Republic of Iran is the export of metal products. Considering the advantage of having numerous and rich mines in the country and of course cheap energy and labor, these goods are offered to the world market at reasonable and competitive prices. Obviously Hermes Company has not been careless to this context and has set up a specialized department on this issue. In addition, a significant volume of imports of goods to Iran also depends on metals and metal industries, and in some cases even metal products have been imported to meet domestic needs. Hermes company has valuable experiences and connections even in this field, which can be a way to solve domestic needs.