Import and Export of Legumes

Major import of legumes and its sale in the Iranian market is an important issue. The nutritional value of legumes is known all over the world and therefore, trading in this field is booming. Although Iran ranks well in the production and export of legumes and has achieved functional independence, but the import of these product is still common. The main reason for importing legumes from other countries to Iran is to supply the domestic market. Given that large quantities of Iranian legumes are exported to other countries; imports can compensate for this shortage. Russia is one of the countries from which legumes is imported. Hermes Company, by using specialized and experienced personnel in this field, has been able to import products with the best quality and minimum price, such as Russian green lentils, to Iran and provide them to major buyers.

In addition to importing legumes from Russia, Hermes has also put legume imports from the Kyrgyz Republic on its agenda. Having an active company in the capital of Kyrgyzstan and having forces dominating the local markets of this country, this group has been able to import products such as red beans from the Republic of Kyrgyzstan and supplying this product to the Iranian market. These countries are actually located next to each other in the same region, so the quality of the legumes is almost the same. But the most important reason for Hermes to buy bulk legumes from Russia and Kyrgyzstan is the quality of the legume, the legumes of these countries are in the best condition in terms of quality, taste and appearance.