Import and Export of Grain and Cereal

Asia is the largest importer of grain and especially wheat in the world. Importing grains to Iran, along with the production of grains and nutritious grains in the domestic market, is an important issue for self-sufficiency or adjusting the price of these nutrients. Iran has become self-sufficient in the production of agricultural products, cereals and legumes and has been able to balance market volume and export surplus production to other countries. However, grain import is still taking place, and this has changed the pricing of domestic products. The main grains that enter Iran include wheat, corn and barley. The import of these products is done both for domestic consumption and for animal feed. China, the United States, India, Russia and France rank first to fifth in grain production and exports.

Hermes Trade and Development Company, with the advantage of having an active company in the capital of Kyrgyzstan and establishing good trade relations with the CIS countries, has been able to play an important role in supplying the country’s grain, especially wheat, by dominating the capacities of the grain market inside Iran. This group intends to have a significant impact on the countries grain supply as one of its main pillars of its activities.