Electronic Commerce

Electronic Commerce

E-commerce means doing business through electronic tools such as the Internet, telephone, television and computers.

The changing market provides a great opportunity for businesses to improve their customer relationship and expand their market in the online world. According to Statista, by 2013, global e-commerce sales had reached $ 1.2 trillion ($ 1,000 billion) and mobile phone sales in the United States had reached $ 38 billion. More than 40% of Internet users (1 billion in total) have purchased goods online. These numbers will continue to grow as mobile and Internet usage expands, both in the United States and in emerging markets around the world.

E-commerce in terms of advantages such as convenience, a wide range of different options, time savings, the possibility of offering coupons and special discounts, etc., which overcomes possible disadvantages such as delays in receiving goods, Internet problems, etc.

For sellers and online business owners, there are benefits such as increased sales, instant transaction, 24-hour access, etc., which show themselves against disadvantages such as the need for continuous maintenance, referral of goods and after-sales services, and Continuing to work online encourages.

With regard to the above, Hermes Group also focuses on suitable opportunities in the field of e-commerce to fill the gap caused by the lack of reliable intermediaries between foreign traders and domestic traders and to facilitate export and import processes to and from the Islamic Republic of Iran.