Raw materials for ceramic tile industry

A significant part of the raw materials of ceramic tiles is imported and is not produced in Iran; The import of raw materials for the ceramic tile industry is a specialized matter and requires detailed and comprehensive studies, so trade activity in this field requires specialized and dominant experts. The raw materials of this industry are imported from countries such as China, India, USA, Italy, Australia, Russia, Thailand, Morocco, etc., in which China can be considered as a leader of this industry.

Hermes Trade and Development Company, with the aim of developing the country’s ceramic tile industry, provides the raw materials needed for this industry and thus helps domestic producers to produce competitive products by providing quality materials at reasonable prices. Hermes is able to provide raw materials for the ceramic tile industry such as alumina pellets, barium carbonate, zirconium silicate, kaolin, etc. to its customers. China is one of the major manufacturers and exporters of raw materials required for the ceramic tile industry in the world and the raw materials are purchased from the highest quality and most reputable Chinese suppliers by Hermes Trade and Development Company and imported to Iran.