Glassware and Crystal

Iran and factories operating in the field of glassware and crystal are among the top producers in this field and not only in the Middle East and Asia but also in the world are among the top producers of these tableware. The share of these production in the country is such that crystal factories sell more than half of their products through the export.

Nowadays, despite its short life in the field of crystal production, Iran has become a serious competitor to other countries in the world due to its richness in the raw materials of this industry and the advanced production of crystal and glassware production machines. The export of glassware and crystal is very high among neighboring countries, and this amount will grow significantly because the variety of products of these companies is very high and can meet most tastes.

Hermes Trade and Development Company has expanded its export activities in the field of glassware and crystal in order to supply desirable products world widely and is one of the leaders in the export of these tableware to Kyrgyzstan.