Hermes in the Kyrgyz Republic

Hermes Trading and Development Company succeeded in establishing an active company in the Kyrgyz Republic under the name Altar Company in order to take advantage of the opportunities of global markets and expand international trade.
This Asian company pursues its business activities in order to supply the goods needed all over the world, especially in the countries of Eurasia and Central Asia. Altar Company, with a history of trading with the countries of Central Asia, the CIS region, East Asia and in some cases Eastern Europe, is trying to expand its business to other parts of the world and provide a professional, reliable and low-risk experience to customers. present itself
Among these commercial activities, we can mention the export of fruits, vegetables and fruits, raw materials for tile and ceramic industries, crystal and crystal containers, stone and tile products, leather products and handicrafts, carpets, fish and fish feed, etc.
Among the advantages of this importance, we can point out security in the process of money transfer, the possibility of inspection of conditions and products by specialist forces in Kyrgyzstan, ensuring that work is done well and providing conditions for negotiations, concluding international contracts, etc.
You can contact the Hermes unit in Kyrgyzstan through the Altar website.