Stone and Tile

Nowadays, with the expansion of the mining, masonry and stone export industry around the world, including Iran, this industry has become one of the most profitable industries for traders and merchants. Iran is one of the top eight countries in this field due to its stone mines.

Export of stone from Iran is in fact one of the most profitable non-oil trades in the country because it can have a very high currency for the country; this is due to the very high quality of Iranian stones and also the high diversity in its structure and designs. The development of drilling and turning machines, which has led to more and faster extraction of ores from the mines, has been another factor influencing the prosperity of this trade. The quality of Iranian stones in the world competes with the stones of countries such as Turkey, China, Ukraine, Italy, etc., and countries such as Uzbekistan, Azerbaijan, Russia, Iraq, Australia, the Netherlands, China and Turkey are among the countries that want to import Iranian stones.

In order to make headway, Hermes has increased the scope of its activities in the field of exporting stone and tile products from Iran to other countries, so that in the near future, relying on many years of research and experience of experts in this field, this chain will develop. Travertine, marble, granite, etc. are among the stones that Hermes Company has a brilliant history in supplying and exporting the best types of them in different colors and design.