Machinery and spare parts

The import of industrial machinery has faced many challenges for industrial business owners due to the imposition of economic sanctions in recent years, and this has caused the backwardness and loss of many industrial plants; Because craftsmen have to constantly adjust the quality and quantity of their products in accordance with the needs and standards of the world, but the inability to achieve basic needs such as equipment, machinery and spare parts, has made it difficult to achieve this issue. The main problems are the inability to discuss foreign exchange transfers and lack of cooperation from foreign manufacturing companies due to economic sanctions. Therefore, nowadays, the ability to import industrial machinery and raw materials needed by craftsmen is more important than ever.

Imports of industrial machinery to Iran are mainly from China, UAE, Turkey, Germany, etc., which is due to the existence of advanced technology and manufacturing machinery in these countries. But sometimes a country plays the role of trade intermediary between countries of import and export destination, such as the UAE, which usually plays the role of trade intermediary between Iran and European or American countries; Therefore, most of the industrial products that enter Iran from the UAE are not made by the UAE itself and have another origin and manufacturer. This has caused the UAE to play a large role in the trade statistics of Iran and foreign countries.

Hermes Trade and Development Company, with the advantage of having specialized representatives in the UAE and the ability to discuss foreign exchange transfers, is trying to provide a safe and secure experience for craftsmen in order to supply the machinery and raw materials needed by industrial factories.