Export of Fruits, Vegetables and Plants

Iran is one of the countries that has a very brilliant history for growing and harvesting agricultural products due to the benefit of different climatic conditions and favorable conditions, and therefore has been very successful in producing summer crops to the extent that temperate lands due to the available climatic conditions. It cultivates high quality fruits and vegetables well and these fruits and products are harvested by human resources and then packed in suitable spaces with very advanced and modern equipment.

Iran’s agricultural products are exported to various countries in the world, which are also considered as Iran’s economic partners. These countries include the countries of the Russian Federation, Iraq, Afghanistan, the United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Turkey and India, among which the countries of the Russian Federation can be considered as one of Iran’s largest trading partners in the export of fruits and vegetables.

 Hermes Company has continuously cooperated with Russian chain stores in this direction and in the way of business development due to advantages such as expertise and knowledge of these markets. The chain stores of this country always accept agricultural products imported from Iran such as official lettuce (Romanov), bell peppers, cauliflower, celery and eggplant, etc.