Import of phosphoric acid from China

Import of phosphoric acid products

Phosphoric acid, also known as orthophosphoric acid, is a weak acid with the chemical formula of H3PO4 is usually seen as a colorless thick solution with a concentration of 85% in water and with a pure compound of colorless solid. Phosphoric acid has many uses in both food and industrial grades.

Dangers of Phosphoric Acid

Although phosphoric acid is a weak acid, it is corrosive to the skin, eyes, and other mucous membranes of humans and laboratory animals. Of course, its salts show less irritability compared to the real one. An experiment in mice showed that phosphoric acid produced a toxic acid that is contracted by inhalation.

Phosphoric acid is not carcinogenic, but phosphate ions have been reported to enhance the activity of known carcinogens. Exposure to these ions is usually treated by rinsing with water. Phosphoric acid as a food additive for various cola drinks is of great interest and there is a lot of debate about the harmful effects of this chemical on the environment. The most important point in the pollution of the aquatic environment is phosphoric acid pH in terms of its effects on native plants and animals.

Import of phosphoric acid products

Applications of phosphoric acid

This product is used in the production of phosphate fertilizers, soap and non-soap cleaners, water purifiers, animal feed, pharmaceuticals, livestock (Monocalcium phosphate and dicalcium phosphate, phosphate detergents, soap cleaners, dental surfaces, some surfaces, and fire retardants. its Ignition inhibitors are used as additives in carbonated beverages as well as for cleaning and scaling metal surfaces.

Phosphoric acid is a component of fertilizers (80% of total consumption), detergents, and many household cleaning products.

Dilute solutions of phosphoric acid have a pleasant acidic taste. Therefore, it is also used as a food additive and gives acidic properties to beverages, prepared foods, and water purification products.

It is also used in stainless steel, engraving, and metal coating and is a suitable intermediary in many production processes. Phosphoric acid is also found naturally in many fruits and their juices. Apart from the use of phosphoric acid itself, most phosphoric acid is used in the production of phosphate salts. Phosphoric acid has been used as a treatment for lead poisoning by taking advantage of its ability to lower blood Ph.

The major application of phosphoric acid in agriculture

Phosphoric acid is also used in many industrial processes and the quality of the acid in many cases varies depending on the impurities. 90% of the application of this chemical in the world is spent on fertilizer production. Phosphorus is one of the essential elements for plant growth and this acid is one of its biggest sources. This fertilizer is more difficult to be controlled and used than other phosphate fertilizers, but in addition to providing phosphorus, it can also be used to regulate soil Ph

In addition, as a source of phosphorus, it is the raw material for the production of phosphate fertilizers. Phosphorus, which is one of the most important elements needed for plant growth, is supplied through phosphorous or phosphate fertilizers. This substance is converted to 3 salts that are used in the preparation of fertilizers such as super phosphate (TSP), diammonium phosphate (DAP), and monoammonium dihydrogen phosphate (MAP).

Import of phosphoric acid products

Hermes Trading Development Company’s role in the import of phosphoric acid

Hermes Trading Development Company, with a history of importing chemical products, has succeeded in importing 15 tons of phosphoric acid products from Qingdao city in the east of China to Iran and delivering it to the buyer. This city is considered an administratively independent and part of China’s semi-provincial regions and has the highest living standards compared to other Chinese cities.

All processes of Import phosphoric acid from China, including feasibility study, supply of goods, insurance, customs clearance of origin and destination, and transportation of goods have been carried out by Hermes Trading Development Company.

For more information on how to import and sell this product, please contact our experts at Hermes. also our Kyrgyz company’s website is available to you at the following address with the possibility to translate into English and Russian.

Import of phosphoric acid products

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