Export of dates to Kyrgyzstan

Export dates to Kyrgyzstan

Export of dates to Kyrgyzstan

One of the tastiest fruits of hot and dry regions is the date. After Egypt and before Saudi Arabia, Iran ranks second in date production. Kyrgyzstan is a secular country with a population of about 5,957,000 people, but 80% of its people are Muslim. This makes this country suitable for export ing dates to Kyrgyzstan.

Also, Iran benefits from a wide variety of dates. Among them, are Mozafati, Zahedi, and Kloteh dates, which are rich in fiber and brain substances. Mozafati and Kloteh dates are at the top of the energy table in terms of nutritional value among Iranian dates. The high fiber found in Zahedi dates per 100 grams is about 5.7 grams, which is very different from other types. To export dates, tips such as:

  • Marketing
  • The demand of the destination country
  • Product packaging
  • Product Quality
  • Principled management

It is very important. Among the more important things, we can mention the market analysis of the destination country and the analysis of its shopping and distribution centers. After analyzing the market and finding distribution centers, enter into negotiations with them. Also, ensure the quality of your contract by studying the export and import laws of the destination country. The help of an experienced trading company has a great impact on the ease and correctness of your work steps.

Export dates

Date export profit

The production volume of dates in Iran is about 1 million tons; Almost 25% of date products were exported, which brings about 350 million dollars to the country’s economy. Meanwhile, the share of traders in the export of dates is between 5 and 10 percent.

The total price of Iranian dates is lower than dates from other countries; For this reason, it is considered a popular product in other countries. In fact, due to the high demand in Muslim countries for this product and the high climatic suitability for date cultivation in the south of the country, date trade is significantly profitable. To increase profitability, more attention should be paid to the food taste of the destination country and the quality of product packaging.

The largest amount of date harvesting is in the southern cities of Iran. The provinces of Khuzestan, Kerman, Hormozgan, Sistan Baluchistan, Fars, and Bushehr have the largest share in the export of this product. By optimizing the export route and choosing a suitable trading company, you will see an increase in the profit of your product. These companies usually include things such as:

  • Expertise in exporting goods.
  • Capital and liquidity.
  • Extensive interactions and work with external partners.
  • Ease and speed in obtaining the necessary permits.

have And with the credit they got, they export the goods faster and in more optimal conditions.

Export dates to Kyrgyzstan

Export of dates destination countries

Kyrgyzstan’s trade is mostly around agriculture. The production of products such as grains, cotton, tobacco, and vegetables in the first degree and then the use of animal husbandry and natural resources in the next degree affect the economy of this country.
In the month of Ramadan, at the same time as the consumption of dates increases in Muslim countries; The export of dates increases. In the past years, countries such as Indonesia and Malaysia and in recent years European countries including Germany and England and cis countries including Russia and Uzbekistan and Persian Gulf countries were the destinations of Iran’s date exports. In general, about 60 countries from all over the world are customers of Iranian dates.
The biggest importers of dates are India, France, Germany, UAE, and Morocco. India, with its large population and according to the tastes and preferences of the people there, is one of the largest date export markets. Among Iran’s neighboring countries, Turkey has the highest import and purchase of dates.

Export dates

The amount of date exports to Kyrgyzstan

In the last few years, the price of dates compared to other Iranian products has had the least impact on inflation. Of course, this amount is for the base price at the origin. The need for the type of product and the amount of its export is measured by measuring the instruments and examining the needs of the destination country, including culture and customs. Market research has different methods, among which we can mention the research of companies located in the destination country or even an exploratory trip. The amount of sending products to different countries is different for each person or company, and compliance with the following can be effective for this amount:

  • Providing a quality product
  • Getting to know the target market
  • Strong communication and building a network of intermediaries
  • Product promotion

Attention to the transportation system

Export dates

Date export customer

If you are one of the customers buying dates, pay attention to these things:
• Be careful of open and unsanitary dates. Date packaging shows you the quality and expiration date of the product to some extent.
• The color of the face informs you from the inside, pay attention to the appearance of the product and avoid buying products with sugar.
• Observing objects such as dry plants or dust and pebbles in the packaging is a sign of non-industrial collection and packaging.
• Know the types of colors and types of dates to buy the most suitable one according to your request.
• Pay attention to the expiration date of the product. Fresh dates have a longer shelf life than short-term expiration dates and dry dates.
It may be interesting for you that the most valuable date is harvested in Sri Lanka, which has a price of about 15,000 dollars per unit. Iranian dates are one of the top ten dates in the world, which can increase the growth process of its exports by taking more care of the relevant authorities in the process of product harvesting, packaging, and sales.
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