Export of construction faucet to Russia

Export of construction faucet

Export of construction faucets

Building materials have always been a popular commercial product around the world. Products such as tiles, glass, building stones, etc. are among the goods traded widely in neighboring countries of Iran and other countries.

In addition to these goods, there are other categories whose export types are very popular and have various types all over the world. Construction and sanitary faucets are a product that has a great variety in Iran and includes a large part of Iran’s exports every year.

Export of construction faucet

Faucet export capacities

Countries such as Azerbaijan, Uzbekistan, Australia, Afghanistan, Germany, United Emirates, Bahrain, Tajikistan, Turkmenistan, Turkey, Iraq, Russia, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Kuwait, Georgia, and Lebanon are the export destinations of Iranian construction and sanitary faucets.

According to the report published by the Trade Map website, in 2021, about 53% of Iran’s faucet export share is to Iraq, however, Russia is still among Iran’s top export destinations. The countries of Pakistan, Syria, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, and Turkey are also among the top export destination of Iran’s faucets.


Export of construction faucets to Russia

As the largest country in the world, the Russian Federation receives a large number of imported goods every day. From bricks and cement to construction materials such as tiles and faucets, they are products that include a large part of our country’s exports to Russia every year.

Russia, with a population of approximately 144 million people, is one of the most populous countries in the Eurasian region, which is a profitable destination for the export of Iranian goods. Due to its location of Russia on the edge of the Caspian Sea and being close to Iran in terms of distance, this country has a suitable capacity for export, especially the export of construction materials and supplies.

Construction materials and faucets can be traded worldwide with the HS code “848180”. Although trade with Russia requires private arrangements, Iran’s export route to Russia has always been wide and prosperous.

Export of construction faucet

Iran’s advantages for exporting faucets

Iran, is a country rich in oil and gas resources, with abundant resources and cheap manpower, it always has a wide production capacity in the construction materials industry. The abundance of water, electricity, gas, and manpower has made Iran become one of the most powerful export sources in other countries.

On the other hand, the creativity and good taste of Iranians in design and industry have become an increasing strength in the production of industrial products. This leads to a high variety of construction products such as faucets, as well as the beauty of products at the same time as efficiency.

The abundance of oil and gas resources, cheap human labor, creativity in design, and diversity of brands in the market are all factors that have provided the platform for the export of construction materials and especially sanitary faucets in the last century.

Export of construction faucet

Hermes trading development’s role in the export of faucets to Russia

Iranian businessmen have always sought to establish business relations with Russia, but due to the lack of proper knowledge of this market, they have sometimes suffered losses instead of beneficial business trade. Another challenge that business with Russia brings for Iranians is the problem of communicating in Russian, which has its difficulties.

Hermes Trading Development Company, with a 5-year history of operating in Russia and having a large trading company in the capital of this country, provides the opportunity for Iranian businessmen to experience profitable, safe, and easy business transactions.

Benefiting from the vast commercial relations with well-known brands of construction materials and faucets, this company has the continuous experience of exporting from the 6 selected brands of these products to Russia. Construction faucets exported by Hermes have become a famous and profitable business in Russia.

Export of construction faucet

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