Import of legumes from Eurasia

Import of legumes from Eurasia

Import of legumes from Eurasia

Major imports of legumes such as green lentils and red beans are made annually from European and Asian countries, including Eurasian Union countries such as Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

the reasonable prices of their products have led to these products being available and widespread in every Iranian diet and market. The same matter caused significant and increasing development of these products all around the country and the world.

Import of legumes from EurasiaImport of legumes from Russia and Kyrgyzstan

These two countries are located in the same area, and because of that, the quality of the legumes is almost the same as each other. But the most important reason for Hermes to buy bulks of legumes from Russia and Kyrgyzstan is the quality of their legumes, the legumes that originate from these countries are in the best condition in terms of quality, taste, and appearance.

Hermes Trading Development Company announces its readiness to offer these products in large and small quantities.

Trading in Russia

According to published data, Russia is known as one of the Eurasian Union members and one of the world’s strongest economic powers in 2020. This country has an annual export revenue of about $ 350 billion and an import revenue of about $ 150 billion, of which 23% belongs to China, 12% to Germany, and less than 1% of it to Iran.

Hermes’s role in trading with Russia

Hermes Trading Development Company is using specialized and experienced personnel in this field and has an active base in Russia, and because of that has been able to import products with the best quality and the lowest price.

products such as Russian green lentils to Iran and providing them with major buyers. Hermes Trading Company tries to increase the international tendencies between Iran and Russia with the efforts and tactics of managers, which can cause a significant increase in the welfare of the Iranian people due to the price stability of various items and creates a new way for new traders and companies to grow in the global arena.

Contact us for more information on the legumes trade in Russia and Kyrgyzstan.

Import of legumes from Eurasia

Trading in Kyrgyzstan

Kyrgyzstan, with an area of ​​about 200,000 square kilometers and a population of more than 5 million, is a country known for its water and gold reserves, but more than 50% of the economy and 65% of the labor force are active in the agricultural sector. Also, because of the approval of new trade regulations this country has become the ideal trading partner.

Hermes Trading Development Company, with the advantage of having an active company in this country, has a glowing history of importing legumes from this country.

Our role in trading with Kyrgyzstan

In addition to importing legumes from Russia, Hermes Trading Company has also been importing legumes from the Kyrgyz Republic for some time.

Having an active branch company called Altar Company in the capital of Kyrgyzstan and having forces dominating the local markets of this country, this group has been able to experience the import of products such as red beans from the Kyrgyz Republic and supply this product to the Iranian market.

Hermes Trading As mentioned is an active company operating in the Kyrgyz Republic that has facilitated trade with this country; In addition, in 2022, it succeeded in registering a company in Russia and has been engaged in continuous trade in this country.

The main reasons for importing legumes to Iran

Major importing activities for legumes and their sale in the Iranian market are considered to have a high and great value. The nutritional value of legumes is known all over the world and therefore, commercial activity in this field is expanding at a rapid pace. Although Iran ranks well in the production and export of legumes and also achieved functional independence, the import of legumes is still very common in the community.

The main reason for importing legumes from other countries to Iran is to supply the domestic market and its high demand. Given that large quantities of Iranian legumes are exported to other countries, imports can compensate for this shortage in the country. Importing this type of legumes with a reasonable price and high volume and quality has compensated for the shortage of these products and by doing this, stability in the domestic market regarding this type of product is guaranteed.

 Packaging of imported legumes

Usually, the export and import of beans, lentils, chickpeas, and peas are done in both packaged and bulk forms. In this section, a brief explanation of each of these methods is given.

  • packaged

In this method, the product is free of any gravel, large and poor quality beans, which creates a more pleasant experience for buyers and consumers.

  • bulks

In the bulk method, buying or selling is done through standard bags and with a certain weight. This method is divided into two parts: liquid bulk and solid bulk. Most international transactions take place in the bulk method.

Import of legumes from Eurasia

Importing bulks of legumes

legumes such as green lentils and red beans can be imported in bulk, so these products have been imported to Iran in bulk by order of Hermes’ exclusive customers and have been provided to customers.

To cooperate with this collection, please contact our experts.

Import of legumes from Eurasia

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